Narcissists are liars
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The 7 Most Common Lies of a Narcissist

March 30, 2015 Dana 8

  The more stories I hear from other victims of narcissists, the more common threads become apparent.  And although narcissists tend to be compulsive liars, most of their “larger” lies seem to fall within seven […]

energy vampires and narcissists
Explaining Narcissists

Narcissistic Supply

March 26, 2015 Dana 0

“Narcissistic Supply” is a term that refers to anything that a Narcissist uses to get his or her ego fed.  Narcissistic Supply generally refers to victims, or potential victims, of a Narcissist, however a source of […]

boundaries and narcissists
Explaining Narcissists

Managing down of expectations

March 26, 2015 Dana 0

Because most good, decent people tend to treat others like they would themselves, they allow small boundaries to be pushed without thinking too hard about it.  In a normal relationship there is wiggle room for […]

verbal abuse and narcissists
Explaining Narcissists

The different types of abuse

March 26, 2015 Dana 2

When most people think of abuse, they think of physical abuse.  They image a battered woman with black eyes.  However physical abuse is the least common form of abuse. The other types of abuse (financial, emotional/psychological) […]

what makes a person a narcissist?
Explaining Narcissists

What Makes a Person a Narcissist?

March 26, 2015 Dana 3

I cringe when I hear people ask the question, “What makes a person a Narcissist?”  The reason I cringe is because the answers are often misinterpreted by victims and bring forth feelings of either hope […]