hoovering and narcissists
Explaining Narcissists

An example of “hoovering” from my own life

May 23, 2015 Dana 10

The vast majority of Narcissists utilize a manipulation technique called “Hoovering.” Hoovering is where they try to “suck” their victim back into the relationship by reopening communication in (usually) some small and unassuming, or even […]

narcissists playing sick
Explaining Narcissists

Do Narcissists Commit Suicide?

May 2, 2015 Dana 12

Narcissists really are ridiculous human beings once you see their manipulations and lies for the nonsense that they are. One of the more ridiculous ploys of a Narcissist is the “Feel sorry for me because I’m […]


How Does a Hoovering Narcissist Act?

April 30, 2015 Dana 4

How Does a Hoovering Narcissist Act? Hoovering is a common manipulation technique done by many forms of highly manipulative people, and (unfortunately) comes with the territory as far as Narcissistic relationships are concerned. There are […]

narcissists are crazy
Explaining Narcissists

Can a Narcissist Change?

April 25, 2015 Dana 2

Can a Narcissist Change? My guess is that if you are reading this blog post, then you have a significant other who is selfish, lacks empathy and remorse, and lies about everything. My other guess […]

crazy making and narcissists
Explaining Narcissists

Crazy Making Behavior and Narcissists

April 8, 2015 Dana 0

Crazy making: A form of psychological abuse, where the abuser has a series of behaviors designed to frustrate, confuse, and provoke the victim. Crazy making behavior often involves “gas lighting,” as well as “word salad.” Example: Abuser: We […]