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Due to the high volume of emails that I am getting everyday, I do the best I can to respond to as many as I can, but am unable to respond to them all.

***In an effort to address as many questions as I can, I have a weekly two hour live stream on YouTube every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST. You can find the live stream at: When I am live, you will see "LIVE" in red letters, and the stream will start playing.

If you have a question, or need some support sooner that I can most likely get back to you, there is a more immediate option--and that is to join the support group: or you can find us at the group on Facebook at:

This way you will get a wide variety of input and insight from a variety of people (myself included, as I am generally in there every day).

You can Email at or for any business inquiries you can contact me at

Dana Morningstar is a former psychiatric nurse turned domestic violence educator who specializes in abuse awareness and prevention. Her passion is working with survivors of abuse to reclaim and rebuild their self-esteem, boundaries, confidence, and identity. She is an author of multiple books on the subject, and also has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, as well as several online support groups, all of which you can find under the name “Thrive After Abuse.”

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