Narcissistic Smirk

By Dana Morningstar

This is a look of smug satisfaction that a narcissist often gets after they’ve successfully provoked an emotion (jealousy, anger, or fear) in their target that leads to a reaction, or when they otherwise get their way.


Example: Joan wonders if Tony enjoys upsetting her, because when they argue, he’ll push her buttons until she explodes; then he’ll just sit back with this smug little smirk on his face, totally cool, calm, and collected as he tells Joan that she’s unstable, has issues, and should really see a therapist for her abusive mistreatment of him and her anger issues.

Dana Morningstar is a former psychiatric nurse turned domestic violence educator who specializes in abuse awareness and prevention. Her passion is working with survivors of abuse to reclaim and rebuild their self-esteem, boundaries, confidence, and identity. She is an author of multiple books on the subject, and also has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, as well as several online support groups, all of which you can find under the name “Thrive After Abuse.”

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