New Supply

By Dana Morningstar

A “new supply” is the newest person a narcissist latches onto to drain supply from. This could be a new partner, friend, coworker, etc. Narcissists tend to have a constant source of new supply in their pipeline and move onto their new supply at lightning speed, which can be incredibly painful and confusing for those with whom they were previously involved.


Example: Todd met Tina while he was doing an internship overseas. Tina was intelligent, funny, and stunningly beautiful. Their relationship picked up speed fast, and within six months they were married. Todd showered Tina with gifts and spent tens of thousands of dollars on clothes, plastic surgery, and a car for her. Todd told Tina that he wouldn’t be able to continue spending this kind of money, as he wasn’t wealthy—that his money came from an inheritance that was quickly becoming depleted. Within three weeks after this conversation, Tina left, taking everything with her and draining what was left in the account. Todd was devastated, but he was even more devastated when he saw pictures of Tina online with another man.

Dana Morningstar is a former psychiatric nurse turned domestic violence educator who specializes in abuse awareness and prevention. Her passion is working with survivors of abuse to reclaim and rebuild their self-esteem, boundaries, confidence, and identity. She is an author of multiple books on the subject, and also has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, as well as several online support groups, all of which you can find under the name “Thrive After Abuse.”

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